Lisa Katz
Executive Director

Lisa Katz is Executive Director of the newly-formed Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) of Southeast Michigan.  WIN is a consortium of 7 Michigan Works! Agencies and 8 community colleges formed to create a comprehensive and cohesive talent system that provides regional employers with the talent they need for success.

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Tricia Walding
Senior Project Manager

Tricia Walding is the Senior Project Manager, Defense Sector Lead, for the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan.  In this role, she serves as the project lead for the $6.7 million dollar Southeast Michigan Defense Industry Adjustment grant (also known as the Advance Michigan Defense Collaborative), supporting 15 projects intended to identify and diversify Michigan’s defense portfolio, expand educational and workforce training for emerging markets, and provide opportunities for Michigan companies engaged in the defense economy.

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David Palmer
Director, Business Partnerships

David Palmer is the Director of Business Partnerships at the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) for Southeast Michigan. His work is focused on supporting WIN’s occupational cluster strategy in Southeast Michigan for the areas of Advanced Manufacturing, Green Mobility, and Information Technology.

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Colby Spencer-Cesaro
Senior Director, Research & Strategy

Ms. Cesaro works with educational institutions and employers on a variety of projects including best practices for employer engagement with workforce training institutions, management of big data to understand the connection between job posting practices and actual hiring, and using data to help institutions quantify their economic value.

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Kelley Wasson
Team Coordinator

Kelley Wasson is the Team Coordinator at the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) for Southeast Michigan. Kelley is responsible for all administrative tasks related to the ongoing operations of the team and its networks. In this role, Kelley provides professional support to the team which includes organization and maintenance of file systems, board correspondence, calendar management for senior level staff, and development and maintenance of WIN common contacts and distribution lists.

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Sarah Sebaly
Senior Program Manager

Sarah manages the projects related to career pathway development. Much of her current work focuses on developing a replicable process for career pathways, starting with the retail and hospitality sector in Detroit.

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Kristie Kabacinski
Coordinator, Opportunity Detroit Tech Council

Kristie earned a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University, and her undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State University. Kristie has delivered and managed multiple service programs; including: Job Training Partnership Act, Workforce Investment Act and the Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

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Lisa Gordon
Program Coordinator

Lisa Gordon is a Program Coordinator for the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan (WIN). In alignment with WIN’s Youth Strategy, Lisa also serves as the Career Liaison for Region 10 (Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties) coordinating resources for high demand occupation clusters, career pathways work, and post-secondary training and educational programs for youth.

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Lindsay White
Communications Manager

Lindsay White is the Communications Manager for the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan (WIN). In this role, Lindsay is responsible for developing and implementing a communications strategy for WIN, which integrates short- and long-term components to effectively reach businesses, employers, educational institutes, and many other audiences that WIN works with closely in the region.

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Meg Mulhall
Research & Data Analyst

Meg Mulhall is a Research and Data Analyst for Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN). In this role, Meg works with the Director of Business Partnerships and Senior Director of Research and Strategy on projects related to green mobility and lightweight metals manufacturing.

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Hector Acosta
Research & Policy Analyst

Hector Acosta is a Research & Policy Analyst at Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN). He works directly with the Director of Research and Director of Business Partnerships on a variety of projects. Hector assists with WIN’s quarterly reports, ALMMII supply and demand analysis, MAGMA green mobility research and employer outreach, and fulfilling specialized data requests.

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Mauro Galus
Business Partnerships Junior Associate

Mauro Galus is a Business Partnerships Junior Associate at the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN). He provides assistance with Quarterly Reports, and social media marketing, as well as creating and managing Highrise, the CRM WIN uses. He works closely with matters relating to the Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance (MAGMA) as well as assisting with necessary tasks for the Technology Council.

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Brooke Franklin
Independent Consultant MI Bright Future

Brooke’s serves WIN in the capacity of Business Recruitment Consultant for the MI Bright Future Program, and is responsible for attracting, informing and connecting regional business leaders to students and adults via e-online mentorship, career coaching and work base learning opportunities within Macomb, Oakland, Wayne and Livingston counties.

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Danielle Bowman
Project Assistant

Danielle Bowman is a Project Assistant at the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan. The Department of Defense recently awarded the southeast Michigan region a Defense Industry Adjustment grant, which will be managed by WIN. Danielle provides support for the project management of economic recovery, talent initiatives, and technology development projects related to the defense industry in the region in order to fulfill the objectives of the grant.

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Trevor Leatzow
Project Assistant

Trevor Leatzow is a Program Assistant with MI Bright Future at the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan. Trevor focuses on efforts to improve youth economic engagement by bridging the gap between industry and education. In this role, Trevor connects with many of the region’s business, education and community leaders to address the talent pipeline crisis facing southeast Michigan in a collaborative and comprehensive way.

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Melissa Sheldon
Melissa Sheldon
Senior Research Analyst

Melissa Sheldon is the Senior Research Analyst at the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan (WIN). At WIN, Melissa works closely with the Senior Director of Research and Strategy on WIN’s quarterly labor market reports, writing and analyzing company surveys about talent gaps, and leading special research projects on the labor market.

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John Sullivan
Project Manager, Business Partnerships

John Sullivan is a Project Manager for the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan. He manages the projects related to employer engagement efforts and innovative talent solutions around information technology. His current work focuses on convening and leading activities of the information technology cluster in a collaborative effort to raise awareness of and shape community response to the industry’s talent, customer, supply-chain, and other growth needs to improve both the industry itself and the region as a whole.

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